Hate is an intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury. No human is ever born with hate, there seems to be circumstances that actually prempt it.
Never allow those who have no vision for humanity I say contaminate you with the disease called hate.  Inborn in this context doesn’t mean that they were born with it but that such persons allowed hatred to grow in them eating deep into their soul that all they ever think of is to hurt another person’s feeling not minding what it will cost. This set of people your advice to them will be like fetching water with a basket, the best medicine to prescribe for them is to love them with patience and caution so as to avoid being contaminated because their hate can be contagious  if you’re not strong enough. Showing them love wouldn’t be that easy or rosy always remember to let your light so shine that their darkness cannot comprehend.

Never get into mouth battle with them or engage in a fight with them, because doing so my mean risking your status as such people are so embittered the best is to just let them win the argument.

Observe them with matured mind, so as to be able to overlook their abusive statements or comments, then go ahead to understand that something must have given birth to that demon in them and it grew over a period of time in them due to lack of love and the fact that they were not privileged to have the right people beside them from the onset.


Simple statement or argument make them flare up, not just flare up but become abusive with their words, statements or Comments.
They can even go to the extend of shooting you if given a gun, for instance you guys can be talking about a football club or a city like Dubai which have no direct impact in your life, but such a person don’t get it, that such place or club exist without your personal opinion, so surporting or speaking against such places/club adds no value to the places/club involved. Thats exactly why we have people killing their fellow over a football argument.

You can find them on social media and they can even go extra mile to dent your image as Tonto is doing to her husband. What about the xenophobia in South Africa? It’s all born out of hatred. Hate has done so much wrong with no traces of any good at all.

Always remember that such people hate for no reason, is amongst them you find serial killer, they have no self-love at all.

Please when you come in contact with such human, be careful and trade with caution, this does not mean that you’re scared of them but to avoid getting contaminated, showing them love from a far is very much better.
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