Urge is a strong feeling or desire to do something. Sexual feeling is a natural feeling created by God, the feeling is not a sin neither is it a crime to have such feelings. Anyone who has no such feeling obviously needs a serious medical attention. Many religious leaders and some crude adults made us believe otherwise and some elders even got to the extent of shunning whatever discussion that is sex related but the truth of the matter is that no one can run away from his/her shadow no matter how hard the person tries.

What becomes a problem is the ability not to have control over the sexual urge, not just sexual urge but every other urge at all.
Sexual feelings does not require a quick fix solution because quick fix solution can lead to destructive end, in fact nothing in life needs a quick fix solution if the thing is really worth enjoying. Quick fix solutions to sexual urges can lead to:
– Loss of self-respect
– Health risk of sexually transmitted diseases
– Broken relationship, homes and marriages
– Distraction to living a purpose driven life
– Destruction of lives and destinies
– Loss of focus in life

Sexual feelings requires thorough understanding, lots of patience, self-love, self-discipline, spiritual stability and firm commitment to be able to control. The important gains of sexual urge control is immeasurable as it cubs marital unfaithfulness and helps one to keep self-respect intact. There are different steps or practices one can adopt to have control over sexual urge and some of these steps are listed below, please if you consider other steps that are not listed below feel free to share with us on the comment box and do remember to share this article with your friends if you find it interesting.

7. Stay clear of drugs, alcohol, bad friends and pornography. These things has never been recorded to have added any positive value, I don’t mean you should leave your bad friends to go and die, no! add positive value to them but do not let them be a bad influence to you. Take drugs only when you’re sick with doctor’s prescription, drink responsibly and cloud yourself with responsible, trustworthy friends.
8. Get spiritual help when it gets out of hand, you can personally talk to God in prayers, he designed the feelings and he alone can help put it in check when it falls out of hand. Showing gratitude to God will also go a long way in controlling the urge. Have you ever thought of singing praises to God and thanking him for all the good things that money cannot buy once the feeling comes up?

Sexual feeling is designed by God with the intention of bringing legally married husband and wife together to bind their union which makes it a soul tie, sexual feeling is beyond the physical, though I don’t intend going deep. Having control over the feeling will help you not to abuse sex even in marriage because when you have no control over your sexual feeling it can lead to sexual abuse even in marriage, now you see that marriage is not the ultimate remedy for sexual control. Carefully understanding and practicing the steps enlisted above will go a long way in giving you a maximum sexual discipline. Being able to control our feeling is what differentiates us humans from animals and no sane man will like to be addressed as an animal, so act like a sane man by gaining control over your feelings. Let’s learn to have control over our feelings.

How is sex before marriage making love when God is love and God isn’t in sex before marriage? The BSimone
Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul. Charlie Chaplin
Self-control is the best super power you can have….. Anonymous

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