Temperament is the combination of traits one inherited from one’s parents. Some said it can be found in the mind or emotional center.
There are basically four types of temperaments- though there can be other types which are called brands of temperament and they are gotten from the combination of one or more of the major four, there are twelve brands of temperaments but it will be enlisted on the next article. No single individual is fully characterized by just one of the temperament, an individual can possess two or more of the temperament depending on the family background, environment or level of education and association. Below in enlisted the major four, their strengths and weaknesses.

SANGUINE– Mr. sanguine is a super extrovert, outgoing, responsive, warm and friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, compassionate, he knows how to make everyone around him feel important. One major characteristics of this man is that his mouth enters a room or a compound before his body, before you see him he has seen you, he can easily be noticed or recognized, before you introduce him he has already introduced himself.
Weakness– lacks discipline, emotionally unstable, unproductive, egocentric, and so hyperbolic or exaggerates too much.

Choleric- Mr. choleric is strong-willed, independent, visionary, practical, productive, decisive, a leader, self-sufficient, an extrovert, fearless, needs no stimulation from his environment rather stimulates his environment himself. One of his major characteristics is that he strongly believe that there can always be a solution so long as you do something positive about it. Weakness- unforgiving, domineering, sarcastic, he can be termed an opportunist, angry, cruel, cold and unemotional, he hardly show sympathy.

Melancholy- Mr. melancholy is highly gifted, analytical, aesthetic, self-sacrificing, industrious, self-disciplined. He enjoys works of art, the richest of all the temperaments, he can be an introvert or an extrovert depending on his mood, hardly express his true feelings as the desire to be loved, hardly makes friends be a very faithful one if he becomes one. Majorly characterized by his perfectionist nature, as we wants everything to be placed orderly as organized as possible. Weakness- moody (mood swings), self-centered, persecution-prone, revengeful, touchy, theoretical, unsociable a times, critical, negative at times, can easily get depressed but most enriched with potentials when motivated.

Phlegmatic- Mr. phlegmatic is the most likeable of all the temperaments as he hardly gets angry, easy-going, calm, quiet, dependable, objective, diplomatic, efficient, organized, practical, humorous, he possess a well-balanced temperament, natural peace maker, can be a good imitator, when motivated into action always gives in the best, has dry sense of humor. His major characteristics is his consistency ability and never seems to be agitated. Weaknesses-unmotivated, procrastinator, selfish, stingy, self-protective, indecisive, fearful, worrier.

It is worthy of note that no temperament is better than the other and understanding you partners temperament will go a long way in helping you understand why he/she acts in a certain way. Their weakness is not there for you to use it against them but for you to understand, accommodate and join effort with them to live above those weaknesses, learn to appreciate their enormous strengths as you have seen for yourself no human being is living without a fault. All temperaments are habitable though some are more compatible than another but if you have already made your choice live well with it.

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